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Attending 20 year reunions...

A 20 year reunion seems to me possibly prickly.

You think you are supposed to have achieved something 20 years after.

10 year reunion is at a more carefreee time still.

30 year, you have had a lot more life experience, and maybe are more at peace with who you are.

I attended my 20 year reunion, and the major feeling for me was one of great joy to see my old classmates. I think we are a lot more forgiving at 37ish than we give credit for.

The Ted Talks....

I'm a sponge for great ideas. The Ted conferences bring together a lot of incredible folks, some household names and some relatively unknown to the world, to talk and meet and to discover such ideas. I have never been to a Ted conference. But, through the magic of web video, I have managed to see quite a few of the presenters through this well organized site.

I would highly recommend a visit.