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Very Sad to hear of the demise of Lucky Dube...

13 years ago, I travelled through Southern and East Africa, accompanied by a bootleg tape of Lucky Dube's music. I think I bought the tape somewhere in Zambia and Zimbabwe, as I made my way up this majestic continent.

Lucky's music touched me. He seemed to me to capture an essential duality of much of Africa. Happy but sad, melancholic yet so amazingly melodic. 

I remember well, on magical nights, swaying to Lucky's lyrics, accompanied by other wayward travelling souls.

Rest in Perfect Peace Lucky Dube.

My New Ipod....

80 gigs - if I waited a few days, I could have got 160 gigs for the same price. But, I am not sure how to fill 80 gigs.

Almost no music whatsoever yet on the 10 gigs I have filled. Lots of documentaries, news, interviews, environmental and tech shows. Kamloops city council meetings, as well.