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Northern Voice and Seinfeld....

I'm back in Vancouver this weekend. Just finished two days at a provincial conference on crime prevention an public safety.

Like many folks, I have been reflecting on my experiences at Northern Voice last weekend. I have been trying various new software and web sites that I learned about at the conference. I am seriously considering getting more into video blogging - specifically mobile video blogging through a Nokia N series phone.

But, the more I attend Northern Voice, the more I realize the magic is in who you break bread with. The first Northern Voice, I sat next to Rob Cottingham and Lee Lefever at a dinner organized, I think, by Nancy White. The third Northern Voice, I ate many meals with Robin Yap and Jeffrey Keefer.  These people have become good friends, and its always so great when I get to see them in person.

Last week, I had dinner with Robin, Jeffrey, and this wonderful new friend  and worldwide wiki expert- Stewart Mader. We're at Moxies on Robson, finish ordering, someone brings up Seinfeld, and then the fun really begins. Now, these three gentlemen have brain power and passion, and their knowledge of Seinfeld trivia was staggering to me. Now I am not a great afficianado of the show,  but watching the exchange of storylines, quotes, one liners was something I will not soon forget - entertaining and amazing. It went on for at least an hour, I would say.

Someone even shared that they get depressed when they can't find a seinfeld rerun on the hotel tv when they are travelling.


Jeffrey Keefer

Arjun, you captured this wonderfully! I was never really into Seinfeld until the show ended and it is on television every day and all day. Perhaps another factor is that the more experiences I have, the more I see how their story-lines are based in reality, or as they would say, on nothing.

With that said, I look forward to breaking bread with you again soon.


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Rob Cottingham

I remember that dinner well - it was great getting to know you and so many other cool folks for the first time!

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