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Although I find out today that we are only months apart in age, Brendan Beiser and I were separated by a class year at our high school. Years later, we connected again when he was an X Files celebirity and I was a desperate, frustrated, close to being failed, storekeeper. He has always been a class act, Brendan has -  when he was 15, 25, and seems still to be, as we both approach our 40s. I was pretty sure I heard Brendan do a voiceover on a radio ad I happened to hear recently. And I was curious to find out what he is up to these days. So, congratulations are in order, Brendan. Your new talkshow, This Conversation, looks really interesting and I am hoping I can sit in the live audience one day. The show web site explains the premise:

Everyone is interesting. This Conversation sets out to prove it. While conventional talk shows focus on newsmakers or celebrities promoting their latest movie, book, or album, This Conversation seeks out people who are normally on the sidelines and puts them centre - stage to hear their stories. Whether it’s the courageous story of a Holocaust survivor Vera Slyomovics (above) or a champion female pro wrestler Veronica Vice (below), a grocery story clerk or a street-busker, everyone has a story to share

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