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Cross posted at My Obama Trip blog...

Set up a new blog. Here is the first post:

On my 39th birthday, I was sitting at home on the computer one evening. I'd toyed with the idea of trying to get to Obama's inauguaration, but thought it would not be possible. One door in my life closed, not getting re-elected to Kamloops city council. Council had a meeting on Jan 20th 2009, but that day now freed up for me.

I checked my airmiles that evening, worried a bit about what to do, then plunged in. Within 30 minutes or so, had booked a flight and paid the taxes and relevant fees.

Accommodation was the next step. I have family about an hour or so out, but I wanted to try to get at least one or two nights in DC itself. Very tough.  Exhorbitant prices, minimum stays that really dont work for me, dodgy web sites, but got a room at L'Enfant Plaza for about $420 or so for the night. That is the night of the 18th. 19th at my family's , 20th probably there as well.