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Twitter, New Friends, and the Personal Democracy Forum 2009

I liked facebook. My good friend Jeffrey Keefer liked Twitter.

That's how it's been for the past couple of years.

But, after the Personal Democracy Forum Conference 2009( PDF09), I have discovered benefits that twitter can have for my life. I did not attend PDF09, but was intensely interested in the conference proceedings. 

From my office, a whole continent away, I was able to follow twitter posts (tweets) from the conference. I was able to tweet back. My little posts appeared on screens in the conference venue, with thousands of others.

I was able to follow many of the conference sessions that interested me.

I also started some friendships. I asked a gentleman named Matt Danzico  if he I could interview him about his conference experiences through skype. He was very so kind to spend a few minutes talking to me.

I started off this conversation in kind of a gruff manner, but I was so stoked to meet Matt. He has done and is doing some pretty amazing stuff. 

I was also really pleased to meet Jill Zimon. She live blogged many of the conference sessions and I got a chance to follow along and sometimes add my 2 cents. Jill is running for her city council - and I am looking forward to following her campaign as well. Maybe, even add my 2 cents sometimes if appropriate.

Two wonderful people who represent many many others with whom I had more fleeting encounters with at PDF09.

The wonders of technology. And the amount of great people in this world doing valuable work.