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An Evening at Cirque Du Soleil's KA

The impossible becomes possible. For 90 minutes, an incredible enjoyable fantasy becomes your reality.

The preceding are true of any Cirque Du Soleil production. What makes KA special, in my view, is the technical wizardry of the set. Cirque is well known for the incredible acrobatics of its performers. In KA, the stage becomes a starting member of the troop.

I have not seen such a large platform manipulated in such incredible ways. The thing looks the size of a smaller ( though still very ample) football field. Thick too, slabbish for sure. And one minute, it's flat and horizontal, then the next tall and vertical. Its moves are quick and suprisingly graceful.

The stage lighting also becomes a critical, key player. The storyline of KA takes many twists and turns, and the lighting totally helps set some very different moods.

Would highly recommend KA to visitors to Las Vegas. The show runs twice, most evenings at the MGM Grand.

I would like to thank Cirque Du Soleil, and specifically Jessica Berlin, their social media manager, for providing me my ticket to KA.


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