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My Northern Voice 2010 Evaluation Answers...

Attempt at Live blogging Northern Voice: How Journalists (Should) Use Social Media

Lisa Johnson
 - tv and radio stories mostly on environment
 - twitter: 140 characters manageable for journalists
 - facebook: mostly personal use
 - tools make city smaller
 - working in Nelson: accessible, accountable, (definitely) connected
 - CBC Van - surrounded by other journalists, using social media to get connected and make city smaller.
 - not just when I need something, social media part of everyday
 - social scanner use of twitter : eg Olympics coverage
 - use of social media stuff on CBC site without permission - ok?
 - use of facebook photos of deceased teens  - CBC generally not asking to use these

Kirk Lapointe
 - more like hearding cats
 - beware digital nihilism, print is not dead
 - we will die before the newspaper does
 - newspaper is going to have to change
 - more context, depth, more opinion
- 6 newspapers died in US, leaving 2100
- no audience problem, no news problem, mere business problem
- advertisers not prepared to pay dollars for digital
- spending half his time on digital, and brings less than 5% of current revenue: investing in future
- you get what you pay for
- more important investigative subsided by less important, but more popular stuff
- revenue streams : advertiser, subscriber
- not story anymore, but topic
- newspaper simply final ediition of digital stuff
- newspaper edition interruption, chapter - not only product
- we need to analyze and understand our audience, also still need to consider "public mission".
- marrying what we do with what audience wants
- know SEO > CP style
- engagement not a frill
- when opportunity arises, get more personal

 - followups for new stories: YMCA ADHD example
 - reporters referring to blogs for inspirations for story. Credit or non credit?
 - no difference b/w public and private social media profiles
 - what happens when reporters refuse to buy in or get stung
 - how can jourmos use twitter more profesionally


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