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My Northern Voice 2010 Evaluation Answers...

Inspired to post this publicly by Bill, and agree with a lot of what he has provided:

What was your favourite session and why?

Tough call - would have to say David Ng's session on online communities enabling good explanatory science was my favourite. Totally important issue of how to make the important engaging. I loved other sessions equally, but I would like to give support to this type of session being included in future NV conferences.

What session disappointed you and why?

I was not disappointed by any session. Some issues that I encountered - rooms not large enough (tough one to solve probably), audio visual issues with panelists skyped in.

In terms of session content, what kinds of sessions were the conference missing?

seemed pretty comprehensive to me

What was your favourite thing or things about the conference?

meeting great and innovative people, filling up on inspiration, learning a few things.

What disappointed you most about the conference?

Name one person who you’d like to see speak at next year’s conference?
Jay Smooth -


Bill Kempthorne

Thanks for the mention Arjun, we'll do it again next year I'm sure.

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