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June 06, 2010


Colleen H in Edmonton

Hey Arjun - I would not have understood a thing in that conference, nor your ability to have posted this had I not been in our very enlightening program and covered the ground that we have - which has certainly brought me up to date with just a few shreds of insight as to what's happening with the new media - most applicable to the end of our current course and most practical to our future work as communications practicitioners. Thanks very much for your enthusiasm, energy and generosity in sharing the conference highlights. Good on!

Arjun Singh

Thanks for your comment Colleen!!

Kimberly K.

Arjun, thank you for this! The world has looked so different to me ever since starting our Royal Roads program...and your posting about this conference is just another example of how we, as a cohort, can learn so much from each others experiences. Thanks!

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