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My Friend Kris Krug Documents The Oil Spill - An Interview...

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My friend Kris Krug is part of a team documenting the impacts of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Kris is a modern day renaissance man - photographer, web developer, journalist. In the past year, he has documented many events that have had great impact. He traveled to Copenhagen to photograph activities surrounding the climate change talks in December 2009. He photographed the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Kris has joined the Tedx Oil Spill expedition in the Gulf. They are documenting what they are experiencing online and will also be making a presentation to the Tedx Oil Spill conference in Washington DC on June 28th. Their work has been incredibly moving to me.

I had a chance to talk with Kris on the phone on Friday, and he shared with me some of his experiences and feelings:

Audio Map of Interview:
(these are my rough notes. Interview runs just over 15 minutes. Although I am still a rank amateur when it comes to asking questions, I learnt a great deal and think you may too)

- Expedition attempt to provide non corporate media coverage
- only seeing small % of oil due to underwater nature of spill
- BP contractors everywhere, but doesn't seem enough
- rumours that wildlife, eg sea turtles, being caught in oil burns
- 2 general categories of local reaction: those that don't work or contract for BP and those who do.
- people generally pissed at President Obama
- oil flow getting worse?
- shore conditions pretty grim
- people welcome to repost Kris' photos for free (under creative commons license)
- team is always looking for connections in the Gulf.
- has been pretty heartbreaking

More from Kris Krug:



What an awesome Kat! He is everywhere. So talented and well spoken....

Arlene Jurewicz Leighton

Thank you for sending me this interview. These stories need to be told.

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