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Fundraising using Dialogic and Deliberative Concepts...

For the past six months, I've been working with an exciting group of people on a fundraising initiative. We are trying to raise $100 000 by the spring of 2011 to keep a really important and successful youth outreach program going. The outreach workers go out on the streets of Kamloops and try to help young people access services such as housing, life skills training, health care, and much more.

I've been facilitating the fundraising team's meetings. They call me the chair, but I really have seen myself as helping the group members share their ideas and helping the group come to a common strong vision and plan. That has meant taking me out of the idea generation sometimes - that has been valuable for me, and its getting easier as I practice. I often come to the meetings feeling a little anxious and nervous, but always leave feeling really energized.

I've really enjoyed working with amazing people like Matt Osborne, Lindy Baird, Dianne Lawson, Shelly Bonnah, and Karen Rosenke. They've been pure gold actually.

More on how you can help at And here is a jpg of our first article in the Kamloops Daily News:


I'm totally looking forward to this next few months working on this project.