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Kind of a weird name - islate might have been a little more apple like, and a little less prone to ridicule. Didn't really see the use for it until my lovely wife bought me one as a gift. Now I'm reading my magazine subscriptions - Macleans, The Economist, and Campaigns and Elections - on it. I'm watching a lot of tv shows and movies through netflix and now through the Global TV app. I'm reading my social media feeds through flipboard.

Oh yes, and I am very easily taking digital notes using evernote - an app which continues to amaze me in its usefulness.



Take a look at the Kindle app. It's a wonderful thing to be able to carry around a dozen textbooks where ever I go. You might also want to try Angry Birds and We Rule :)

Arjun Singh

Thanks for the suggestions. Don't have Angry Birds or We Rule yet. Should try them out. Angry Birds has become quite the phenomenon. I do have the Kindle app. Forgot to mention that in my post. I love it!!

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