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An Awesome City Council Campaign...

For more info on my candidacy, visit Your Kamloops.

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I'm running for Kamloops City Council again. This has been an amazing campaign so far and we are now into the last month. I've got a very strong group of caring people around me (some are pictured above) and we have been working on many different fronts. We are now into high gear - forums starting soon, signs up and more being distributed, advertising being designed and published, and media coverage intensifying. All this helps us touch people with a messages that promote what we're calling "Smart Thinking, Community Linking". No I'm not always smart but I want to be thoughtful and innovative. I always to do as much homework as I can on issues. I also want to link different people across the community and work for the greater good of Kamloops. I don't want to be seen as a representative of any specific interest group.

For more information, I welcome you to visit my campaign website and/or my facebook page.