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Technology Threatening the Raison D'Etre of A Youth Hostel?

Common Room / Barnacles Hostel / Dublin / Ireland

Photo Credit: Barnacle Hostels

Recently had the opportunity to spend a couple of nights in a backpackers hostel in Halifax Nova Scotia. First time I've stayed in a hostel in quite some time. I have very fond memories of staying in hostels all over Southern and East Africa in the mid 1990s - such amazing camaraderie. You could always rely on your fellow travellers for friendship, tips, spare toiletries, etc.

I spent very little waking time at the hostel in Halifax. On my quick walkthroughs through the common areas, I saw a lot of people face down, staring at computer screens. I wonder if some of the old camaraderie is being lost. Just a curiousity really. Not at all a statement.



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