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Sad to return an electric vehicle. Happy to pick one up.




I leased an all electric Nissan Leaf in 2016. I had quite a bit of apprehension but wanted to drive a vehicle that emitted no greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to great advice and help from people like Glen Cheetham, Jeff Putnam, and Aaron Stone, I joined the world of electric vehicle drivers.

It's been such a fantastic experience. Thanks to my friend and our former Rotary exchange student Joel Pflomm in breaking in the car on the first ride. The car has not only been ghg free in operation, its been really fun to drive (very peppy). It has cost about $15 a month to power and has had very low maintenance expenses.

I've driven all over Kamloops, to Merritt, to Revelstoke (with a couple of passengers (Kathy Sinclair), and to Logan Lake. That's been the one slightly limiting factor of the car - it has a 160km maximum range most of the year, and about 100km in weather below -10 degrees celsius.

My lease was for four years. My wife advised a lease and it was a very smart move. Thank you Marsha Stewart!
In the past months, we have been researching different electric vehicles with a 350 to 400 km range which we could lease for roughly the same cost.

The Covid-19 situation put a bit of a dent in our test drive schedule but we were very happy today to pick up a 2020 Nissan Leaf with a 350km range.

I've appreciated the leadership of Sean Turner at River City Nissan in being one of the very first dealerships in Kamloops to stock electric vehicles and we both have felt well served by a very gentlemanly and friendly sales person in our friend Jonny Walker.

It was bittersweet. Our old car was so awesome. And we are looking for more to more road trips in the new one.

There are an increasing number of great EVs available from reputable local Kamloops dealerships. I'm happy to provide more details about my EV experiences.


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