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October 2023

From the saddest moment in my life to one of the happiest...



From the saddest moment in my life to one of the one of the happiest.

30 years ago, my Dad’s only brother passed away in a tragic car accident. My Uncle Manmohan was an amazing person - kind, loving, solid. I really looked up to him.

Uncle Manmohan left a young family. My Aunt Nishi and their two young children - both under 10 years old I believe.

I have always also looked up to my Aunt. She is a vibrant, kind, loving, and she dedicated herself to raising her two kids. They have also grown up to be interesting, kind, loving people - just like their parents. Both have great careers.

Every family and every person has ups and downs. A big part of life. I wish I could see this part of my family more often. I’m so thankful to be my Aunt’s nephew and Neeta and Amar’s cousin. They are amazing people.

Tomorrow is my Aunt’s 70th birthday. And many of her family have gathered in Cancun Mexico at a wonderful all inclusive beachfront resort to celebrate her. It’s wonderful to reconnect with extended family and friends after a long time. I’m here with my Mom and my sister.

I’m very confident my Uncle would be so proud of his family. I so wish he was still here. Many of us carry him in our hearts every day. For him, I’ll raise a glass of the most local beer I can find this evening