Third Annual Cities Fit For Children Program Guide...



Ran out of time this weekend to post more than a link to the conference page with a link to the Program Guide (Agenda). Really good conference, totally proud of the organizers. I attended sessions on empowering youth, communication strategies, local food security, a new policy agenda for youth and families, accessibility, and youth and nature. More really soon, I promise.

Happy 2012! 2011 a good year.

2011 was an exciting year for me. Worked on some great volunteer initiatives through the truly wonderful Kamloops Ending Youth@Risk fundraising team and through my awesome Rotary club. I got my MA and went on a cross Canada research trip in the spring. Marsha and I both got our Master Degrees! I was able to work with an incredibly capable and diverse group of people on a campaign for Kamloops City Council and was elected. And I was appointed co-chair of the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation, a group of people who share a strong passion for promoting vital public engagement and commnity conversation work across the country.


An Awesome City Council Campaign...

For more info on my candidacy, visit Your Kamloops.

Sm 006

I'm running for Kamloops City Council again. This has been an amazing campaign so far and we are now into the last month. I've got a very strong group of caring people around me (some are pictured above) and we have been working on many different fronts. We are now into high gear - forums starting soon, signs up and more being distributed, advertising being designed and published, and media coverage intensifying. All this helps us touch people with a messages that promote what we're calling "Smart Thinking, Community Linking". No I'm not always smart but I want to be thoughtful and innovative. I always to do as much homework as I can on issues. I also want to link different people across the community and work for the greater good of Kamloops. I don't want to be seen as a representative of any specific interest group.

For more information, I welcome you to visit my campaign website and/or my facebook page.

Photocamp at Northern Voice 2011 #nv11

John B and Roland T at Photocamp

I really enjoyed attending photocamp at Northern Voice this year. John Biehler is a great presenter, very easy to understand and unintimidating. Lots of folks attending had SLR cameras. I had my point and shoot panasonic and my iphone. Still I got a lot of inspiration and some good pointers. Camerasim is a great web tool to simulate taking photos with different SLR settings. I downloaded instagram on to my iphone and love how easy and fast it is to take and share cool photos.

Northern Voice 2011: T-Shirts and April Smith - #nv11

April Smith at Northern Voice 2011


I very much enjoyed attending Northern Voice again this year. Arriving at the conference Friday, I was a little taken aback that a hashtag had stolen the marquee spot on the official t-shirt but I guess change needs to be embraced. I will miss new editions in the "bloggable" series of tees, but I'm happy that an almost complete set of that series graces my clothing closet at home.

Ok, enough inside baseball.

April Smith kicked off the conference on Friday with an awesome keynote about her work using social media, most notably smartphone video, to bring attention to the stories of residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Her work is touching and inspirational and April comes across as such a positive can-do person. April herself is a resident of the Downtown Eastside and has lived on a very modest income. Her Northern Voice talk has got me thinking about work for which I could use her company, Aha Media. I can only assume others are thinking the same.

I also attended 11 other sessions at Northern Voice 2011. Will blog about those in the coming days.

Putting Together My Thesis Paper and Pondering Canada's Political Future...

Wow! That was some election last week. Congrats to the Conservatives, the NDP, and the Greens on their successes. Good luck to the Liberals as they rebuild. I really had hoped for a better result for the Liberal Party.

I have been quiet here because I am in the last throes of my MA thesis. Heading to the Northern Voice conference in Vancouver on Thursday evening and have many many pages to draft before then.

Putting Together the Parliamentary Puzzle: Week Four of the 41st Federal Election in Canada...


Well, we are in the final stretch of this election campaign and I gather more and more people are starting to think about their role in helping put together the parliamentary puzzle. Many of you are likely puzzling over how to vote. I voted today and it felt awesome but I know I had a tough time deciding. A couple of ideas that sometimes have helped me make up my mind:

  • Think about the issues that really matter to you
  • Phone or email your local candidates and ask them questions on those issues
  • Read the party platforms that I link to in this post.
  • Read some of the media summaries of the various party platforms - here, here, and here. This tool offers you a questionaire that gives you some sense of what party best matches your views. Note: none of these pages and tools is perfect but they hopefully provide some food for thought.